1) List all the features of a circle: (All circles have a center, a radius, a diameter, a circumference, and an area; the radius is half of the diameter; A = πr2; C = πD)

2) List all the features of a rectangle: (All rectangles have 4 sides and 4 right angles, a perimeter, and an area; the top and bottom sides are parallel and equal in length; the right side and left side are parallel and of equal length; L•W = A; P = 2L + 2W)

3) How can you figure out the length of Line DC?

4) How can you create a right angle in this drawing?

5) If you draw a line connecting points A and C, how would you figure out its length? (Hint: Pythagoras…)

6) Would Line AC pass through the center of the circle? How do you know?

7) Is Line AC the same as the diameter of the circle?

8 ) What information do you need to figure out the circumference of the circle? Do you have that information? Can you figure it out?

9) When calculating the circumference, use 22/7 for π, and use cross-canceling so that you can work with smaller numbers,

10) What is the length of the circumference of the circle?