We have several posts that look at guiding student discovery in a math lesson and thought it would be helpful to organize them here in sequential order. The first two posts provide some background thinking and the next three, accompanied by podcasts, provide a step-by-step description of the process.

This collection of posts is similar to the one in Assessment Posts Organized since ongoing assessment is fundamental to an effective lesson using guided discovery. The initial posts in each collection differ owing to the assessment or guided discovery focus of that collection. Click on a title and you’re off to the post.

1. “Don’t explain it to me” Learners – Teach Me to Fish

2. Guided Student Discovery

3. Beginning a Lesson Using Guided Discovery (Follow-up to Our Earlier Post…)

The Soccer Teams Graphic – Podcast

4. Continuing a Lesson Using The Partner Pages (Follow-up to Our Earlier Post…)

Partner or Folding Pages – Podcast

5. Finishing A Lesson Using the Progress Chart

The Progress Chart – Podcast