When students are learning to multiply a one-digit number times another one-digit number, they are often given the opportunity to picture the problems using various types of arrays. However, when learning to multiply a TWO-digit number times a one-digit number, they are often only given a mechanical procedure to follow.

Problem of the Week #9 gives the opportunity to picture a TWO-digit number multiplied by a one-digit number problem using a special array. This is actually quite easy to do when you know how; but most people have never done it before, including teachers, tutors, parents, and students.

Here is the challenge: using only the “One-Dollar Bills Page” and the “Ten-Dollar Bills Page” (see below), and two pieces of blank paper, show an exact picture of 53 x 4.

Your solution must not only show the correct amount of money, but it also must picture the actual meaning of 53 x 4. It can be done with only four movements of the hand!