We looked at ongoing or formative assessment in a math lesson in several posts and thought it would be helpful to use this post to organize them sequentially. So here they are. This collection of posts is similar to the one in A Model for Using Guided Discovery in a Math Lesson since ongoing assessment is fundamental to an effective lesson using guided discovery. The initial posts differ owing to the assessment or guided discovery focus of the collection. Click on the title and you’re off to the post.

1. Assessment – To Sit Beside and Observe

2. Assessment – To Sit Beside and Observe #2

3. A Model for Ongoing (Formative) Assessment – To Sit Beside and Observe #3

4Beginning a Lesson Using Guided Discovery (Follow-up to Our Earlier Post…)

The Soccer Teams Graphic – Podcast

5. The Ground for Ongoing Assessment – Good Materials and Good Teaching

6. Continuing a Lesson Using The Partner Pages (Follow-up to Our Earlier Post…)

Partner or Folding Pages – Podcast

7. Finishing A Lesson Using the Progress Chart

The Progress Chart – Podcast